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Welcome to Wilson Elementary Library!

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Wilson Media Center is here to create and support an enviroment in which allRangers become effective users of ideas and information and achieve the standards set by the state of Alabama and Montgomery Public Schools.

Library Hours

Monday-Friday 8:15 - 2:55

Our library is open all day during school hours and operates on a fixed and flexible shedule. This means that there are certain times for classes ( usually in the morning) and other times when students may come independently to change out their books.

Student Checkout Limits

Kindergarteners & First Graders are allowed to check out one book at a time.*

If the First Graders correctly practice library procedures, they will be allowed to have two books checked out starting in October.

*Students in Kindergarten &First Gradeare asked to keep their library books in a plastic zipbag with their name & teacher's name on it. This reduces the risk of lost or damaged books.

Grades 2 - 5are allowed to have a total of three books checked out at a time.

If a student needs extra time to finish reading their book,he/she may renew it one time. Otherwise, the books become overdue after two weeks. In case of special needs, more books may be checked out. Remember, your public library has a great selection of books, too!

Lost or Damaged Books

We do not charge overdue fines, however, students may not check out books if they have an overdue book. If their book is missing or lost, the student should check with the librarian to see if the book got back to the shelves without being checked in. If the book is not found after a reasonable search, the child is expected to pay for the missing or damaged book* so they can resume checking out. It would be tragic if valuable time was lost on reading goals because of a missing book.

*If you find a book that you have paid for during the same school year, you are entitled to get your money back. Please ask.



CLICK HERE to access OPAC and find out if the book you're looking for is in our library.

While there, check out our collection of e-books! Simply use the student login and password for our student body!Once you have gained access, select "Visual Search" followed by "Materials by Type." There you can gain access to our e-books. Enjoy!


There are many opportunities for volunteers to help out in the library. For example, we need volunteers to monitor check out, shelve books, help with displays, read with students, monitor Accelerated Reader quizzing and other miscellaneous tasks. We welcome your help! If you would like to become a library volunteer, please come by to see Mrs. Shaw!


Are you using the Remind app? Many of Wilson's teachers are using it communicate with parents! I've created a Library group to send out announcements, reminders, and library needs. If you'd like to be added, please email me at

Accelerated Reader

  • First, we assess each child's reading skills. The results tell us the comfortable reading range where the student can read and learn.
  • Then, the student selects and reads books in his or her reading range. There are many books available for the student to choose from in our school library, the public library and at your favorite bookstore. We ask our readers to read the picture books three times before testing. This helps them to remember and comprehend what they have read.
  • Keep in mind that there is a selection guide (a rating system) on each AR information label that helps with interest and maturity levels. LG = Lower Grades (K - 3) , MG = Middle Grades (4- 7) MG+ (7 - 8) and UG=Upper Grades ( 9 +). Another plus with this system, when followed, means that the child will read about predictable life experiences they will relate to.
  • For a full guide to AR, CLICK HERE!

All of our students are expected to read everyday, at home and in school. After they finish reading their chosen book, they take a quiz on it. Their score tells us how well they understood and remember what they read. Accelerated Reader keeps a data-based reading log that proves their careful work and steady progress.

Parents are encouraged to be a part of their student's success by reading with their child and praising good work. That's easy to do when you use AR Home Connect! This fun program tracks student success and displays the cover of each book that the child has read and quizzed on. Parents can even sign up for an e-mail that will tell them when their student takes a quiz and how they scored. CLICK HERE to check it out!

**Theres an app for that...

If you are an iPhone user, you can now download the Accelerated Reader app! It allows your child to login and view everything you would with AR Home Connect, but in a much easier smart device format. You will need to enter the code: MPS-80QG to activate the app and synch with our Renaissance Place host.

Thank you for your interest in Wilson Elementary Library!

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